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100% organic and recyclable ingredients

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Basic candles Collection

Fresh Lavender & Cedarwood

Fragrance with sharp personality and character. The harmony between the marine notes of the ocean and the spicy breeze of the forest makes a great balance to enjoy this fresh earthy fragrance giving sophistication to your home.


· Duration 40 hours · 220g

· Made from 100% soy wax

· Use of organic cotton wicks

· Made in Spain

Aromatic Fresh Marine Amber Wood Musk
Intensity: Alza IntensityAlza IntensityAlza IntensityAlza IntensityAlza Intensity
18,90€ unit

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The collection

A design inspired by this country of cultures. A journey of fusion and tradition to offer unique pieces, carefully bathed in high perfumery fragrances.

Organic products and 100% handmade in Spain

Alza Collections

Mediterranean candles Collection

The sea has been the inspiration. Taking advantage of the exceptional location of Andalusia at the gates of the Mediterranean sea, the pieces are born wrapped in fresh and natural aromas, a sign of identity of our coastline and its white towns.

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Basic candles Collection

Elegance made simplicity and style. We have created all the essence of ALZA in a design that brings harmony and delicacy to your home, combined with fragrances that accompany your moments of peace and serenity.

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