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100% organic and recyclable ingredients

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New collection

Mediterranean, a collection inspired in our white villages, wrapped in fresh and naturals aromas.

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Abir collection

Full of legacy, where warm and woody accords predominate combined with fine perfumery.


Abir candles Collection

This collection has an outstanding historical character given its claim to heritage cities such as Granada, Seville, Toledo or Santiago de Compostela.
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Noses candles Collection

NOSES Collection is made up of complex and unique olfactory chords. Exclusive adaptations of fine perfumery to scented candles.
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Basic candles Collection

Elegance made simplicity and style. We have created all the essence of ALZA in a design that brings harmony and delicacy to your home, combined with fragrances that accompany your moments of peace and serenity.
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Candles made by hand in an artisanal way with natural ingredients, respectful with the environment

100% of these developments take place in the workshop of Granada, Spain where are made the different tests such as combustion analysis, dosage efficiency as well as fragrance performance. Those evaluations are carried out, to guarantee a unique experience in all phases of product use.

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Although young, ALZA has a deep knowledge of the fragrance sector, of its olfactory notes and chords. A perfect pairing to transmit new sensations from the heart of Andalusia.

The firm innovates in applications such as scented candles, reed diffusers or spray air fresheners, among others. All thought out for home or business profiles.

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